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Clint Arthur Testimonial Harvard Club Boston

Testimonial for Dave Nassaney, HGPS Honolulu, Hawaii

Dr Mini Mini Malhotra Testimonial Harvard Club Boston

testimonial Vicki.jpg

Hi Dave,
I just started reading your book, It’s My Life Too!. I took care of my parents for over thirteen years, they both had Alzheimer’s, I wish your book had been available back when I started caregiving. You provided lots of great information, I will recommend it to my friends who are caregivers as well. I’ve also started listening to your podcasts, my first podcasts I’ve really listened to. It’s opened up a whole new world for me.I will also admit, it’s nice to feel a connection by listening to your voice and the voices of your guests. I feel like I’m in the room with you. Again, like with your book, your podcasts are very informative. When I finish reading your book, I will definitely leave a review online.

Thank you Dave for providing the services that you do for caregivers, it’s so important during regular times, now with the virus, your voice is even more important. Take care and stay healthy, my friend,


Vicki Veasey


Dr. Antoine Chevalier, PhD - White House Contractor Testimonial

Podcaster & Marketer Tim Gillette Testimonial 

When I joined your Facebook group over a month ago, I listened to that video on suicide and depression. Thanks for sharing. Maybe this is a way for caregivers to start having these important and necessary conversations relating to feelings of guilt, depression, stress and feelings of suicide.


Shelia Tequila

Clint Arthur Testimonial to Charlene & Dave Nassaney, Hawaii

Fran Steltzner.jpg

I so wish that I had known of your wise words when I was caregiver for my Mother in law. Back then I had little knowledge of dementia.. working at an Adult Day Care Health Center for 10 & 1/2 years gave me the understanding & education to work with all types of needs.

But Dave, I’ve gained so much MORE knowledge from your words of wisdom. Your relating it to others, makes an individual simply want to continue to absorb all the wisdom you offer… thank you for sharing it with so many!!!!May God continue to bless you with the ability to help others.


Fran Steltzner

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